2018 Teaching's

How Much Does My Parents Love Me? How do we Love each other? Why must we Persevere? When should we have Courage? What does it mean to be Encouraging? How do we practice Fairness? What does Forgiveness mean? Why is Gratitude important? What is Contentment? Why must we be Charitable? Why is Honesty so important? How do I have Peace? What’s so bad about Lying? Why is Cheating so bad? What’s bad about Stealing? Why not be Complainers? Why is Gossip wrong? Why is yelling Bad? Is Worrying wrong? Why not follow the Crowd? Why should we not be Judgmental? Why is Reliability important? Why be Self-Disciplined? Why is Modesty important?
Why must we have Patience? Why is  Humility important? What happens with Generosity? Why is  Determination important? Why must we have Patience? What is  Respecting  others? What does  Moderation mean? How can we show Kindness? What is Diligence? What is Tolerance? Why should we pursue Excellence? How do we practice Courtesy? Why practice Gentleness? What does  it really mean to have Joy? What is Integrity? Why is being Organized important? What does it mean to have Tact? Why use Self-Control? What is  practicing Justice? Why should we Share? What does  it mean to be Trustworthy? Why should we be Helpful? What is Flexibility?